Want to send my son for higher studies in Australia, what should I do?

Hi, My name is Sunish and I have been investing for many years now. I know I have bought enough real estate to fund whatever I want to fund in my life but I have to send my child to Australia for further studies next year and I don’t know whether I should sell my property to fund his education or not. As real estate market is down I might not get the right valuation of my property, should I sell my property.

Want to send my son for higher studies in Australia, what should I do?
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  1. I wouldn’t sell the property (not yet) if you’re not able to recieve the amount of money its worth …however if you need money right away and you are still able to get enough money out of the sale then go for it….but i think only you can determine that really it just comes down to your finances

  2. It depends. Let your son try and get some scholarships. You may also be eligible to take a loan for the studies and only start paying back once he graduates. If it doesn’t work out i would suggest you maybe sell one of your properties to help him out.

  3. No , you need not to sell your property . Check from the banks . Bank provide loan for higher studies , which can b paid in installments later on .

  4. see bro i am also investing in real estate due to my knowledge real estate market is come back within 4 months the ire is no need to worry. if u want u r son to higher education then take a loan its really good for u!!!
    take a right decision

    !!!! solver

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  6. Hi Sunish,
    why don’t you help your son secure an education loan instead of selling your property in these difficult times. There are higher education consultants like http://www.global-opportunities.net that can help your son secure a loan and even put him in touch with some of the best universities in Australia. They will do this for you for free.
    Think carefully before you sell..

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