Want to Invest in ULIP since ULIPs are investment, Tax Saving and Insurance?

I am new in investing Money. I want to enjoy the Tax benfits. Want be insured too. At the same time, I should get good returns when i really need money. I found out that ULIPs are the best bet. So, thinking of going for One of the ULIPs. I have few names suggested by my friends and Colleagues as LIC’s Market Plus, Profit PLus and Fortune Plus. Then there is Tata AIG’s Investment Plus 2. There are many more. But I heard that Tata Aig is better in settling the Claims. So, please, someone can suugest me a good ULIP ?

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  1. instead of ulip go in for ELSS mutual funds. In ulips the administrative charges are quite high and eat into your returns. Elss Mf are a much better bet for making good profit and getting the benefit of savings in income tax.

  2. these days…all the Ulip’ss of all the insurance companies are doing well…in them…met life and bajaj allianze ulip’ss are giving good returns also..
    if u wanna invest only in ulip’s then my suggestion would be not to go for LIC…as they still have the same working style as they had a century ago…
    Mutual funds are also very good investment avenues with many advantages over Insurance like liquidity (where u dont have it in insurance), Higher rate of returns, less cost etc…
    if you want insurance u can do it…ideal thing would be to split your investment into insurance and Mutual funds..where your risk is covered and u get higher returns
    to suggest u on a particular plan…i need to know your age..income levels and the investment pattern without which its difficult to tell or even if i tell u it might not be appropriate to u…
    any ways i wish u good luck…
    Happy investing….!!!!!!

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