8 Replies to “Want to invest about 50K in tax saving MF’s. Advise needed?”

  1. There are lot of tax saving MFs in the market at present. You can also research on the funds online. My fav site for the purpose is moneycontrol.com.

    You can distribute your 50k in various mutual funds. Some of the best mutual funds in market are Magnum Tax Gain Scheme, HDFC Tax Saver, ING Vyasa Tax Saving. There is also a NFO in market nowdays from Standard Chartered.

    I hope it helps.

  2. if u already have an insurance cover .. go for non insurance based ULIP …will yield a good returns rather a insurance covered ULIP

    sorry i m not sure abt D G etc … 🙂

  3. Utilities.To be specific..There bonds.City and state…10 years and1,000,000 in stock trades.They have many M.F.’s In this area.It Has been 10 years since I have kept up with this investing field.

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