2 Replies to “wanna open demat account which is best brokerage service provider or should i apen through bank.impt decisn in?”

  1. Standard Chartered Bank, HDFC, Stock exchange Corp Of India, NSDL , CDSL and many other Nationalised Banks are the best service providers for Demat.
    You can open a Demat account through or with your Broker & if you do not have a Broker the Demat account will not be of any use to you.

  2. My preferences are
    1. Reliance Capital
    2 ACMIL
    4. HDFC SEC

    1. Reliance capital do not provoke us what to buy or sell and so the best thing . HDFC sec is worst in terms of positional trading

    2. ICICI SEC absolutely bad in terms of relations and gives lots of loss making choices in terms of investment pick

    3. ACMIL is reasonable in terms of Brokerage charges

    4. Reliance capital / reliance money still the cheapest
    ICICI and HDFC SEC just worthless in terms of cost and relation

    But i sugest to you please search and contact to many broker than decide brokrage , facility etc…

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