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  1. you are not residents in the US, you are not earning income in the US, there would be no reason to file an income tax return in the US

  2. If you are a green card holder, then you are considered a permanent US resident. For income tax purposes, you are treated as a US resident. This means that your world wide income is subject to US income tax.

    If your income is high enough, you’ll have to file a US tax return, Form 1040.

  3. If you have a green card, you are considered resident alien of the US for tax purposes. Therefore, you are subject to the same filing requirements of US citizens and the same tax laws apply to you, including taxation of worldwide income.

    The business income is a concern. It very likely generates a filing requirement. Further, since you are in the U.S. and the business is in India, it is also very likely a passive activity. I would highly recommend getting a professional to prepare your tax return.