Unit Linked Endowment Plus II OF HDFC STANDARD LIFE?

IS THERE ANYBODY WHO HAVE INVESTED IN Unit Linked Endowment Plus II OF HDFC STANDARD LIFE ? Is that is a good plan or not ? any experience person here who have invested in the same plan ?

Unit Linked Endowment Plus II OF HDFC STANDARD LIFE?
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  1. It is some of the worst policies I have ever seen.

    Allocation charge

    Year 1 — 60% (for premium upto 2 lakh, which is case with almost all)
    Year 2 — 7%
    Year 3 onwards — 2 %

    If you pay this much of premium allocation charge, how & when you will recover the investment. I suppose that atleast 65-70% of investment will go towards charges in first year & 12-15% in second year. Then it will be about 5-8% third year onward.

    I sometime feel very frusteted & helpless when I see the imotional & misleading advertisements of these insurance companies. These agents then missell the product on top of this.

  2. If what Bharat mentioned is true , then this is not a good plan. Read the offer letter carefully and make sure you understand every charges . ULIPS generally comes with lot of hidden clauses. If u can avoid ULIPS , that is not a bad idea.

  3. ULIPs generally offer good returns. But with the market sentiment in a negative direction, nothing can hold these funds from reporting losses.

  4. In addition to Premium allocation charges mentioned above by Bharat, other charges are:
    Fund management charge
    Policy Administration charge
    Mortality charge
    Extra health benefit charge
    Extra life benefit charge
    Switching charge
    Surrender charge
    Partial withdrawal charge
    Revival charge
    Miscellanious charge

    We are all inexperienced about investing in ULIPs, because we are sane and wise.

    You have asked this Q in the wrong category. Ask it in ‘Insurance’ and see the responce you get from insurance agents.