Under which head of income tax return this income should be classified?

I work in a company as customer relationship manager and get salary from that, else than that I also work as announcer in a radio station, for which i have received an amount around 40,000 and tax has also been deducted there on.

My question is under which head my income from radio station should be classified to file income tax return?

Under Professional Income
Under Income from Other Sources

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  1. I hope radio station is also deducting the TDS under the head profession. You can coffer this Income under the head Income from Profession and claim the relevant expenses incurred by you while offering the service. Under this process you will be required to maintain the books of accounts.

    However there is no difference if You offer the same under the head Income form other sources. Still you can claim the deduction and you will not be required to maintain books of accounts.

    In this case the position depends how you want to present and what is the percentage vis a vis to these income. If substantially then Profession other wise Other sources.

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