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  1. Hello.

    At age 31, the premium for J.Anand for 20 years will be 16976. The expected returns will be 612,000. Yield: 5.42%

    However, you would be much better off taking a 21 year policy. The premium will be 15580. The returns will be 663,000. Yield: 5.89%

    I also design customised plans which can benefit you much more. How if I could suggest you the following:
    Term: 21 years
    Sum Assured: 425,000
    Premium: 17,137
    Maturity: After 21 years Rs. 660,000

    Just like J.Anand, you would have a lifetime cover of over Rs. 3 Lacs. The advantage will be, in J.Anand you have a flat risk cover after maturity and amount is payable only on death. However in the above plan, the sum assured increases every year via bonus and you have the option to withdraw the money at age 80.

    Also, as you cans see, initial sum assured is much higher at 4.25Lacs in comparison to 3 Lacs while premium difference is hardly any.

    Hope you appreciate.

  2. Their is no question of premium because this is same if normal life but you should take 21 year plan,it effect on bonus upper stage. Regarding this plan it god plan and only given by lic,and unique plan you may take maturity for two time.” jindgy ke saath bhi,jindgy ke baad bhi”

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