Type of insurance to get if 70 yr old mom wants to be buried overseas.?

My 70 year old mom wants to be buried in the Philippines when she dies. She’s still in good health but I know this process of shipping the body is going to cost a lot; hence need advanced preparation. Is there a type of insurance I can get for her to cover this cost? She doesn’t have a life insurance here, and when I checked they cost a fortune for her age. If not a life insurance, what other type of insurance should I look into?

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  1. Life insurance pays out when she dies. How much, and to whom, is up to her.

    Yes, it’s going to cost a fortune . .. because she waited to buy it, until she was 70. It will be calculated as a “prepayment” plan, and assume she’ll live about 5 more years.

    That means, it will be CHEAPER, if she lives more than five years, for you to just put the money in the bank to pay for this.

    Sometimes, what we want, and what we can afford, are two completely different things – and we have to settle for what we can afford.

  2. Life insurance companies are around to make a profit and they have people that analyzed the probability of making money on different policies.

    Since your mom is 70 years old and will likely to live until 80, if you got a full life policy that would pay $50,000 when she dies, she may have to pay nearly $50,000 ($5,000 per year) and possibly more for the coverage.

    If you chose a term life policy of 10 years, you may pay less than that amount (but still very expensive) but if she lives beyond 80 years old, you would get nothing back.

    As you get older, any form of life insurance policy is generally too expensive to get.

    There is really nothing that you can get to cover the costs except to save the money and hope that you can save enough before she dies.

  3. there is no insurance available for you……

    here there is 100% of chance of loss…. so no insurance company will accept your proposal… if a person dies in a foreign country while on travel… the expense incurred for bringing the body back is covered under overseas medical policy (non-life insurance policy)…

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