2 Replies to “Transfering money from SBI account to HDFC account by internet banking ?”

  1. Yes, It is possible to transfer money online from each bank which has facility for netbanking.

    For online money transfer you require, registration for that. For registration download form online, Fill it and submit to your SBI branch. Within 2 weeks you will be receive the used id and password for it. Go to onlinesbi.com and use it for your account.

    Go for registration of your brother’s account number with your account. After sucessful registration, you can transfer money online at any time on any day.

    There is no charge for transfer money from SBI to any bank.

  2. yes u can if you have option for tpt(3rd party transfer) and you registered with that.it normally free funds to one to other.time

    for trf. you have registered your brother bank account with your sbi account in beneficiary list/payee list.then you can trf amount.

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