Transfer of title in immovable property after husbands death?

Husband died leaving behind a flat, nominating his wife and minor daughter in the ratio 75:25. Accordingly society has transferred shares to the nominees. Does that give a clear title in the flat to the wife? Or does she require to execute a document of transfer to get title? Is stamp duty required to be paid & how much? Market value of flat is Rs.35 lacs.

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  1. nomination you mean Will?

    in that case no need to execute a document. in the property in metropolitan city then the Will need to be probated through court. there will be a fees.

    in case the property lies in non metro then the probation through court is not copmpulsory. the Will itselt a clear title in the proportionate share.

  2. It seems Mr. veers does not understand the difference between nomination and will. A nominee is a legal representative who is authorised to take charge of the property of the deceased on behalf of all the heirs.

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