Transfer of Provident Fund?

I joined a new organization in gurgaon recently, prior to that I was in Mumbai. When I approached my new employer’s payroll dept for transfer of PF from my previous employer, I was told that transfer is very tedious and it is better to withdraw the amount. But since it is less tha 5 years old, I dont want to withdraw as it will be taxed. If I dont withdraw the amount and also if it is not transferred will there be any problem?

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  1. If you don’t get transferred your terms of 5 years will not be counted. you must get the same transferred so that there will be continuity of service. let it take its own time for transfer as your interest will keep accumulating. just fill up the necessary form and let it get transferred. otherwise at both places you will have separate 5 year term to complete.

  2. no actually its very simple. you have to fill the fill form 13 of PPF (3 pages) in triplicate and submit with your new employer that’s all.

    rest is there duty to get it transfer ed. you have to give the proper and complete details.
    Your name
    Name and Address of the previous employer.
    Account type maintained with the Trust/Commissioner EPF number

    and sign.

    you have to fill only the first page. second page will be filled by your new employer. and third is for the PF office.

    I have done it last week