3 Replies to “To start Saree and Dress Material Store in Varanasi.Can I get Loan Facility?If Yes,Then What Is the procedure?”

  1. mlm business is the 8 th wonder of the world
    but all cant do it people with fire and those who have burnt all their ships only can do it
    1 in a 10 as most are lazy they dont want to change or meet people convince them etc it takes a few years to fully understand this business
    if some body s paid for the products and not received them in most cases its the person who has taken has duped them and not registered them in the company s system most good companies are online this can be immediately checked
    but select a good company which can train you support you has completed minimum 10 years in India or ur home country has a simple plan for success no binary or non accumulative both are failures
    select a company which has products you will want to buy even if you are not part of it most important
    select a good leader who can guide you build your confidence for just 1 year then ur on your own
    remember ur responsible for your success not your upline
    once you have a team be good no lies no false promises be sincere be a giver build confidence give support be sincere do it from the heart not head
    improve ur communication skills give people a sense of belonging it cannot happen in a day but takes a few years
    it still takes 18+ 6 years of study/specialisation 6 years of practise to become a good doctor u will be only at 32+
    here in a few years you can earn equivalent but are you willing to change your previous mind set??
    some books to read
    parable of the pipeline /copy cat marketing /the secret

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