To get a regular monthly income where to invest? bank or post office? where my money wd remain secured?

I want to invest some money for a regular monthly income. My doubt if somebody tells my pass book/ fix deposit certificate has missed & take the my amount from bank or p.o. Is it possible? which is much safer? bank or post office?

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  1. Hi,

    Full form of NIFTY is National Stock Exchange – Fifty.The Nifty is a well diversified 50 stock index accounting for 23 sectors of the economy. It is used for a variety of purposes such as benchmarking fund portfolios, index based derivatives and index funds. I hope this information will help you in a better way.


  2. The Post Office is for delivering mail, They don’t have investment accounts.

    If you are looking for a secure place to put your money I would recommend a credit union over a bank but banks are secure to up to the FDIC insurance limit which I think is currently $125000 per individual; a joint account is insured up to $250000.

    You asked about “investing”: Investing is not the same as saving; Bank accounts are good for “Saving” but they are not much of an “investment”..”Investments” are financial entities that are intended to grow in value by putting the money to work in (hopefully) profitable ways. Bank Accounts rarely pay interest at all and where they do it is a fairly low rate. Your bank is primarily motivated to make money for themselves using your money and are not the best source of investment advice. I would recommend a paid “Fee Only” investment adviser over any commissioned sales oriented investment adviser. You can find one at

  3. no one can steal ur money by having a control of ur certificate or pass book. now a days the have ur pic also in their records

    any nationalised bank or indian postal services is a secure place

    but if ur thinking about mutual funds, their are some risks


  5. If you are looking to invest your savings for example in a bond then the Post Office DOES have Savings & Investments – Investments in the form of 1, 3 or 5 year bonds, so the first answer is actually incorrect. They don’t just deliver your mail.

    There is a scheme called the Financial Services Compensation Scheme which will protect your money – up to a certain amount should a company/bank go bust. I can’t give you the exact amounts but the last time I referred to it I’m sure it was around £35,000 per person but if for example you had 2 bonds withint he same bank one at 35,000 and one at 20,000 you would only be entitled to claim 35,000 (unless figures have changed, google FSCS for more info).

    As for safeness, if you mean fraudulent wise or with regards to either going bust then eahc are as safe as each other. There are always risks & just to reiterate the FSCS you need to make sure the optiony ou choose is covered.

  6. Some of the options for monthly income are
    – Post Office Monthly Income Scheme
    – Monthly Income Plan(has equity exposure)
    – Annuity (for retirees)
    Your money is safer in bank that in your house. So, don’t worry and go ahead with your investments.

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