5 Replies to “To continue with reliance infrastructure or not?”

  1. I hope you are talking about Reliance Infra. stock. I personally believe its still overvalued. Its a value buy atleast below 900. And with every TOM, DICK and HARRY going in infra and power, there is very intense competition, so ultimately outcome for investors will be poor.
    In case of stocks go for stocks with consumer monopoly like Gillette India, Nestle India, CRISIL / ICRA.
    And if you are talking about Reliance infra. MF, the answer is the same. Always avoid sector funds and go for SIP in Equity Diversified MF.

  2. Reliance Infrastructure is a good fund and if you are not in dire need of funds, yu can consider continuing your investment in it.

    However, make sure that you also hold good diversified equity funds, as secor/theme specific funds (like infrastructure, banking sector funds, etc) are riskier and you ought to know when to make an exit

    Some good diversified equity funds incude: DWS Alfa Equiy Fund, HDFC Top 200 Fund.

    Check this link to kno more about investing in MF and how to choose a mutual fund scheme for investment: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/Features/The-Sunday-ET/Money-You/Let-your-investment-strategy-decide-mutual-fund-choice/articleshow/3585149.cms

    Hope this was helpful

    good luck for your investments

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