Time Frame of property Registeration?

I have recently purchased a flat in bangalore. There has been some delay from my side in registering the property. I was reading somewhere on internet that I could be penalized for delaying the registration.
Can someone please confirm if there is a time frame within which I need to register the flat (in Bangalore) to avoid a penalty? If yes then whats the timeframe and approx penalty?

Time Frame of property Registeration?
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3 Replies to “Time Frame of property Registeration?”

  1. Even expiry of the time frame you could execute leave and license agreement. There is nothing that you have to execute another during the subsistence of the existing agreement only. Get the new agreement for 11 months.


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  3. There is no time frame as long as the seller is ready to register. But there could be a possibility of revision of Stamp Duty & Registration fees which you have to bear.

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