The real estate that weighs only 500gms and yields like a gold mine.?

When I want to advertise in a news paper,they charge so many mm by so many mm (or cms) and a high rate just for one time printing.I thought if I could buy the whole blank page area of one side like buying an acre of land,of a newspaer which is going to last for another twenty years and then make money out of it by letting out space for advertisers,it would be a gold mine.

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  1. Good Idea, but finding those other people in one week is the hard part.
    Better yet rent a large retail shop and split it up into smaller areas with no walls and advertise for many smaller entrepreneurs to set up a small shop in your larger shop.
    Charge a lower rent than what the market is charging now, remember to allow the square feet of the walking area.
    When you rent from the owner you are charge a cubic foot rent but no one ever mentions cubes when renting.
    That is why you see many shops with empty ceilings. Lost of money
    In your case you rent out the ceiling to people who sell ceiling products like light fittings, bathroom heating strips. small television and the brackets that hang from ceilings.
    Alarm system monitors.
    Look around you and see what is hanging from your own ceiling at home.
    If you can get a furniture person he can pay you rent per square foot and the person who makes small gifts can pay you a smaller rent price to place his gifts on top of the furniture, that way it looks good and you make extra income.
    Create who corners say a computer firm who sells computers he takes a whole corner, think about the needs computer dealer needs many things that goes with a computer.
    Get promotional company to set up glass vases with his pens and pencils in the vases his plastic rulers, his printed letter heads his envelopes and so the products just keeps adding. you than charge the original computer person the full square meters the promotional person you charge a bit less and remember the guy who sells ceiling lights for the computer, you charge him full price.
    Every one who places products in your shop needs to be bar coded.
    You employ 1 person for the cash register and one for security walking around the shop.
    You do not need a warehouse or warehouse personnel for the people who places their products in your shop will do their own stocking.
    Above the rent you charge you nominate a percentage of the gross takings to cover the wages.

  2. That is true.

    But how to reach your product to the customers widely across the region and even globally? Certainly that need to be spent for better marketing.

    Even the news papers which charges such high rates are doing so only after their attaining popularity among society and better reach. So you have to pay.

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