4 Replies to “The property within 600 meters of gramma panchayat dont require DC conversion in bangalore?”

  1. You are right any property with in the gram panchayat do not require a DC Conversion. You can use the land for agriculture or farming.

    To bulid a home u need a written approval of the building plan from the panchyat office. Also remember this is not DC converted locality and hence open to easy takeover from the government for any development plans like bus station, roads, … etc…. if you want to raise an apartment is slightly complicated.

    Normally what people do is buy land and register it for agricluture purposes get a plan approved at a throw away bribe and build farm houses.

    Watch out. in villages lands are easily lost to the locals if you are staying far away. if any body does any illegal activities in the land while u are away in a city then you would be dragged to the court.

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