the process for owning a petrol pump in New Delhi?

I want to know the process to own a petrol pump in New Delhi having all the three i.e. petrol,.CNG, and diesel.

total cost involved, time taken and all the details.

and whether it is only issued to people who have property already owned by them on prime locations and people belonging to the armed forces.

or all the details.

thank you.

the process for owning a petrol pump in New Delhi?
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2 Replies to “the process for owning a petrol pump in New Delhi?”

  1. Hello .
    Its a little bit long process but it is possible. The cost Including land is not less than $ 2Mn. only for CNG and Petrol. No you can buy easily if you are Indian if not then you may not. or may be.
    if interested then may be i can help.

  2. The license is being issued by Ministry of Petroleum. The ministry issues advertisement when they feel the need. The people who have their own land do get some extra points. The Ex armed forces, females, etc. get some reservation and points. Finally its a game of three M’s Money, Mind and Muscles. The one who is most powerful is able to get it.

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