The most beautiful , passionate and fulfilling relationship human beings can have is marriage?

Whether it is live in relationship , contract marriage or a traditional marriage. But why we treat such intimate and caring relationship so casually ? people protect their business interests by putting in huge efforts and indemnify themselves against threats and competitions, Take care of health by insurance and exercises. Even bother about friendships. But why we just ignore to care , protect and insure marriage which is the most satisfying and delicate bond in our life and allow to get it affected and destroyed so easily?

The most beautiful , passionate and fulfilling relationship human beings can have is marriage?
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7 Replies to “The most beautiful , passionate and fulfilling relationship human beings can have is marriage?”

  1. You anserwed your own question. People take more effort for material things and take for granted the people they care about and expect them to be there no matter what

  2. the reason for destruction is the base in the relationship of mariage. it should be done in confidence and both should feel secure as well as responsible to each other. the more you adjust the greater ill be the bonding in marriage

  3. Marriage is not the most satisfying and delecate bond in our lives. I am very happy not being married but being in a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend. In fact I am never getting married because it is simply a waste of money and time seeing that unforseen future events usually break up marriages after on average 5 years. I don’t need a contract/piece of paper to say that I have a deep emotional bond with another person. I am also sure that alot of people would say that having a child is the most satisfying bond in their life…

  4. Any kind of an intimate lasting relationship requires a lot of work and compromise. Many don’t realize this and just expect it to last. If both partners aren’t willing to do the work and also keep romance in the relationship it won’t last. It is a lack of understanding of what it takes to keep love alive.

  5. Theritically, preachingly YES, practically NO. The type of thing u mentioned is a union between two body and souls without any expectations and only givings in serene nature. Marriage generally lies out of this purview most of the times for most people.

    Please dont give idea of insuring marriages, we are already bleeding for paying many types of insurance premiums.

  6. When you allow live in etc in marriage you mean sex not marriage.

    Who allows it so easily. It gets destroyed because of the way it is arranged today. Let every one live today as if there is no tomorrow and people would start respecting each other better.

  7. No, marriage is just another form of abuse. I stood before God and made a promise and meant it, my husband stood before God and lied. I took years of abuse from him and his family, while he shut me out and focused his attention on other women. He cheated on me and went to his church,, told his priest a bunch of lies so he could get remarried in his church, and just like that I was out of a marriage. I went through marriage classes, work books, retreats to get married, to get divorced I didn’t even deserve the dignity, self respect or self worth of even the basic counseling. He just came home from work, announced he filed for divorce and two months later I was homeless and jobless and trying to pick myself back up. I had no say in the divorce, he and his priest came up with the divorce and the terms of the divorce. I don’t see how I am supposed to throw away 21 years of my life just like that. I had no say in the divorce, these men just came up with it, and now I have to pay for the wrong they did. I got cheated out of so much, and treated like a piece of trash. I wonder the same thing you do, how do you just throw out someone like they are nothing but garbage, and then expect them to magically survive. Marriage is just more abuse.

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