the agreement is finished but bsnl is not vacating my propery what should i do its a queston of life and death?

bsnl is giving me a false commitment that they will soon vacate the property but since its a completion of almost 2yrs but still they are illegally occupied my property in this regard they have given me a spare copy of their official latter instructing their concerned personnel to look for other property and vacate our property soon but still they are only doing their time pass kindly suggest me what should i do its a question of life and death for me and my family

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  2. Your English is very hard to understand. what is a bsnl?

    Anyway. Once you have given the tenant legally property notice to vacate.
    AND, once the time to vacate has expired…if they are still there,
    you go to the court house and you file immediately for eviction under “hold over”.
    You do not need to post another notice.
    You do not need to post a ‘quit or cure’ notice.

    Just go file.

    Then, on the appointed day…go to court and get the writ of eviction on the tenant.
    Pay the Marshall of the court to remove them

  3. get the media help.even by spending some of ur money(if the site matters that).try to make the issue into the public as efficiently as possible.use papers , tv , critics , opposition political party’s leaders ,NGOs , welfare associations etc.
    all u have to do is to think how to do above things in a secure manner.

  4. Consult a Lawyer with all the documents you have…. and go for legal proceedings and serve them judicial notice to vacate the premises also ask for compensation for the same.

  5. Court is the only remedy at this point. Better consult a lawyer.
    Otherwise, you can contact some official in Telecom Ministry to influence the matter of vacating soon.

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