4 Replies to “tell me hw to start business wt max newyork life i need sm contacts but how?”

  1. build a habit to see more people everyday. Need lots of discipline to meet at least 5 prospect everyday. this way will help you to cultivate a good sales habit.

    You need to build your own contacts in the begining. Once you have a sizeable pool of customers, then you can leverage on their contacts to expand your business further. The best sales lead is from referal. If someone likes your service and recommend it to someone else the closing ratio is much higher.

    good luck

  2. Llike the other person said, see more people everyday…or make a bunch of cold calls. There is no other way to build a business unless you get handed a book of business by an established agent.

  3. Dear roma,

    where to start to get good earnings? is your question.
    where to start to get good returns? is peoples Question.
    dont sell, show the good in your side to people.

    mail me i will sent files regarding best start in insurance business. I can show you how to find just few people for insurance. and how to earn in lakhs through and along with them ! its a lengthy one and some what personalised. so…
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  4. If you want to take up the business visit the company of your choice and they will guide you. For contacts, it’s already there with you. you meet your friends, relatives, neighbours then strangers.

    good luck
    [email protected]

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