4 Replies to “tax deduction from my income is 70K how do i return back it?”

  1. You have to receive a refund from the department and still not yet received it ?

    Contact the concerned ITO and request him for the refund. If there is no response from him, then you can write to the grievance cell of the income tax department in your town.

  2. Do’nt worry, Just File your ITR and claim ur Tax.

    rember fill your bank details properly in your ITR, u can check your refund satus on


    if your r not satified on the result you can write a latter to ur ward officer againts this matter, u can also contact with them by mail or telephone for this purpose.


    just check ur refund status of tax clik below:-

  3. you have 500000 income of which 110000 is exempt.After taking in to account 100000 of Investment under 80 C including your PF cont and mediclaim under section 80 D of 15000 which are deduction eligible on balance you ahve to pay tax at the specified rate.

  4. who do u want to return it to. your question is unclear. do u want to pay the balce tax due ot do u think that excess tax has been charged and u want a refund for it. please repost your question clearly

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