Tata aig optima plus reviews?

Got to know about Tata aig optima plus policy, and interested to take, kindly let me know how is this policy and company also for investment?

Tata aig optima plus reviews?
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  1. Dear Zara,

    Tata aig optima plus is not worth taking. I do not know what your insurance agent has told you to convince you to take this policy. Kotak has a similar kind of policy which has been reviewed at http://blog.moneyraam.com/2009/06/kotak-smart-advantage-plan.html .

    You agent would have told you about guaranteed return after 10 or 20 years, but if you look closely you will find that the premium allocation charges in the first year is 100% that mean the money that you pay in the first year is completely lost.

    So comment if you have any doubts.

    Happy investing,

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