TATA AIG invest assure apex plan what is it?

i want to invest in it . what is it exactly.
how the apex NAV is calculated
how many year i hav to invest in it
and approx gain i will hav
thanks to all in advance
what is the minimal amount i hav to invest.
suppose i hav to invest 40000 then is there any smilar pla

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  1. It is a unit-linked insurance plan that enables the policyholder to enjoy returns based on the highest NAV declared over 100 months.

    This is achieved through a feature called the ‘Guaranteed Maturity Unit Price’ (GMUP), which captures the highest unit price of the Apex Return Lock-in Fund recorded on the one hundred (100) reset dates.

    This means that on predecided date in each calendar month, the NAV of the Apex Return Lock-in Fund will be recorded for 100 calendar months and the highest NAV among the 100 NAVs will be guaranteed to the investor if the policy remains in force till maturity.

    This limited offer plan gives the customer the convenience of paying for three years for a 10-year plan and flexibility to review premium payable in 2nd and 3rd year subject to minimum premium. The plan also allows partial withdrawals after 3 years.

    Tata AIG Life InvestAssure Apex simply guarantees the upside for the customer. By locking in the highest declared NAV, the Apex Lock-in Fund provides the opportunity to lock your returns at the highest returns that the market provides over the 100 month period.

    This flexibility encourages participation and the guarantee will provide customers the confidence in this volatile market.”

    Tata AIG Life InvestAssure Apex works with the following funds:

    Apex Investment Fund –
    The investment objective for Apex Investment Fund is to provide capital protection with a high level of safety and liquidity through judicious investment in high quality short-term debt.

    The Apex Return Lock-in Fund –
    The investment objective for Apex Return Lock-in Fund is to use the participation in an actively managed well diversified equity portfolio of large cap companies to generate capital appreciation and use high credit quality debt instruments to lock-in that capital appreciation.

    The product also offers customers the option to choose the sum assured from a minimum of 5 times the annualized premium to a maximum of 60 times.

  2. Because AIG is such a strong company you would be confident in an insurance product they offer.
    The lock in feature allows you to repeatedly lock in for a further 100 periods, accepting the returns the fund gives you, minus the insurance cost, and of course minus the fund charges. On average, you should expect to have returns a bit worse than the stock market average performance, worsened by the fund charges and the insurance premiums.

    Assuming AIG actually makes money, they will be able to honour their guarantee should your redemption plan happen to hit a market low point. However, segmented funds will be at extraordinary risk of failing to pay off their guarantee particularly when the market bottoms. Not only will the fund be at a historic low, but the company’s guarantee funds will also be at a corresponding low.

    In effect this is somewhat like AIG insuring mortgage loans with the assumption that they would only have a small flow of defaults to cover. A big flow of defaults could leave AIG unable to meet its promises. Oh, yes, this just happened.

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