Take home salary of Income Tax Inspector in India?

What is the take home salary of Income Tax Inspector in India? The grade pay is 6500 – 10500.. Also what is the minimum time required for promotion from Tax Assistant to Income tax Inspector?
I meant the total compensation given by Govt legally… By illegal means ‘x’ numbers can be earned in any profession…

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  1. Dear Friend,

    Are you joking! Except the honest IT inspecters the income tax officers salary consist of many streams. One of them is what is given by the govt.

    It all depends on how much they can extract from assesses. For ex if you are in refund dept you may earn more. Plese visit the site


    It also depends on the Income Tax Inspectors connection with the auditors of the assessee in their jurisdiction. If they are on the same wavelength, both will make a neat profit out of the Assessee.

    The first income tax raids are to be conducted on the houses of the income tax officers otherwise how come they live such a posh life. The IT dept will try to fleece any honest person who is abiding by law. Moreover most of their income is also based on who is in power. If the minister is amenable, teh IT inspector can strike a deal and then both make a bounty harvest.

    What you have asked is quite a complicated question. The reality is very dirty!

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