i am scouting for tax saving investment schemes as well as best investment products which would yield me decen

Hi all,

I am an 30 year old businessman looking for best investment ideas, being march month i am scouting for tax saving investment schemes as well as best investment products which would yield me decent returns (better than bank yields / inflation) which in turn would secure my kids future (being an businesman i am much not sure about my future returns or income levels). All i need is to secure the future of my wife and kids,

Mind you I am an LIC insurance agent myselves


The investment flavour of the season seems to be Fixed Maturity Plans(FMP) in India as they offer better post tax returns than Fixed Deposit at the same time offering adequate security. What is the indicative pre tax returns on the various FMP schemes open for subscription during August 2008? Which are the mutual funds offering these schemes? What is the procedure for subscribing to these FMP Schemes?

What is meant by a dividend yield (mutual) fund?

There are some mutual funds specially denoted as “Dividend yield funds”. Can anybody please explain how these are different from diversified equity funds? It seems dividend yield funds can be of large or mid and small cap in nature. What type of investors should be interested in investing in these and with what aim? Are these good for long term growth?

How to compare various ULIPs?

It appears that UTI-ULIP has given benefit in the form of dividend at 16% only. Some MFs have announced maximum benefit of more than 50% under ULIPs, as per latest data. I desire to have detailed information. There are several offers of fresh ULIPs with SIP and Free Insurance. I desire to know how to compare thier merits, and find out which is most advantageous. I want to know the likely range of benefit ( i.e., annual dividend yield) one can expect in the latest offers of SIP+ free insurance. I want to know a range. SEBI does not authorize to announce guaranteed returns. I want to know whether it is proper to withdraw from UTI-ULIP, and invest in the fresh offers. I will be grateful for a clear answer.