What is the best way to get returns every year?

I have cash now which I kept aside for my child's education. He is getting into PP1 now. I want to invest the cash in Mutual Funds so that I can take some money year every year which would take care of his fees every year. Please sugges me the best possible way to do it.

How to get back my house rented house deposit?

I used to stay in a rented flat in Bangalore till August last year. The house owner refunded to me only Rs 75K out of our deposit of 95K and that too after a delay of 7 months. The house owner wrote to us he will return the rest 20K, but lately has not been replying to my emails at all.

claiming the house in 2008 if my name is not on the mortgage, but property tax?

hi everyone! i want to know if i can claim the house this year if my name is not on the mortgage but on the property tax? my brother's name is on the mortgage, but BOTH our names are on the property tax. he will NOT be claiming, because he said i can claim it. so, can i? and yes, i have paid more than half the mortgage since last june and i paid all the property tax this past year.