I have 5+ years working as an insurance producer/office manager. Any ideas on possible jobs utilizing my exp?

Started working in insurance in Feb. 2003. I manage an agency with 2 CSRs. I am also responsible for commercial and personal lines sales. I will complete my CIC this year. The business I work for is a family business in a small town. I am looking to move to a more urban area. Any ideas on possible positions that would utilize my existing experience?
I have a bsba in Finance and Banking also.

Working In Investment and mutual fund sector?

I have done my bsc computer science but now i m plannin
to go for a career in business and finance. What is the
best way to get my basic concepts clear apart from
reading newspapers .I am more interseted into mutual
funds and equity and i m lookin for a job as a trainee
in that sector. Advise