which is best part time post graduation course for me?

i have passed b.com before 4 years, and i have been working in power supply company as office assistant in complaints department, I thinking to do any course. which post graduation course(part time) should i do on base of b.com and my work experience, If i go for mba, which specialisation should i choose?
finance, HR, customer care, or other among these whis mba is suitable for me?
If any other course suitable for me…..

Can i save on paying Indian salary tax?

If my salary is directly credited from my parent company based in Europe into my Indian bank account? Could someone suggest an ideal way for tax planning?
Im a resident in India and work here for the subsidiary. I have 2 options to receive my salary. 1) through the Indian subsidiary of the foreign company ( which is surely taxable )

2) Direct remmitance of salary to my indian account from the parent office in Europe

Which is more advantageous?

How to use share work book in Excel 2003?

Please tell me friends how to do share work book in Excel 2003 Please tell me the steps guide to work it out .I want good step by step answers to work .I have a computer with excel 2003 but i don’t know about sharing options explain me clearly and give me a special idea in working brilliant in excel.

What action shall be taken if finance company deposits my cheque given for security reason?

I bought a 2 wheeler using finance. They take my money from my bank by ECS method without interruption on monthly basis. Now they have deposited my cheque also given for security reasons . Now i have to run post to pillar to get statements from bank supporting the same and submit it to finance company and beg behind them .. This affects my work in a greater way. Shall I approach consumer court ? How I will be benefited ?