Can you sell a land which you own, without the wife’s consent?

If the husband owns a land which he bought from his hard earned money. Can he sell the land without his wife’s or children’s consent? If not, please tell why? what is the law behind it? If there is a law, why arent they checking when you are selling the property? Please elaborate.

I am talking about an Indian Property Law. Sorry I should have mentioned it earlier. My bad!

Legal property issue. My mother in law’s’s father died without passing on the property to anyone.?

So legally my mother-in-law and her brother owns the property. Now, if my mother-in-law does not give the property rights to her brother and dies before that, then the property will be transferred to my husband. My question is, will I or my daughter have any right in the same? Can my mother-in-law’s brother pass it on or sell it without our consent? To sell it off, who’s signature is required?

This is urgent and very important. pls help

How to sell flat without sell deed?

Purchased a property/flat in PUNE city 6 years back except sell deed i have all other docs like: agreement of sale, completion certificate etc and society is not yet registered. Any legal option available to re-sell the flat without sell deed or unregistered society? Any section under Transfer of Property Act? Thanks in advance.