80 GG deduction benefit for Family Pension Assessees?

Whether benefit of deduction u/s 80GG available for an assessee who gets a family pension ?

The assessee is a widow and does not have a residential property of her own or in the name of her immediate family. She lives in a rented property and has rental receipts for the same.

There is some confusion that u/s 80 GG is only available for assessees who are salaried or self-employed. Is this true ?

Is it possible to claim deduction u/s 80GG from the family pension income credited to her bank a/c during 07-08 FY particularly when family pension is taxable under the ‘income from other sources’ and not ‘head salary’?

Is she entitled to property of her sister-in law?

The case is like this: a woman(A) who is spinster dies leaving two brothers, one elder and one yonger.
Elder brother also dies and has no issue, but he has a surving wife.While the property of the lady(A) is being divided between two brothers, elder brother passes away. Now in this situation can the widow also be entitled to a portion of the property of A?

Indian Muslim died leaving his wife and two children born at Canada possessing property in India. Succession?

A property settled by his father is legally to be succeeded by his wife and children. Where and how to get the certificate of legal heirs of the person at Canada?
The property is settled by the father to son while at India and later he got married. He was employed at Canada and got married to a Muslim Malaysian and had a daughter and a son. Since he too died and the legal heir certificate is to be obtained from Canada to prove the widow and the children are the legal heirs of the deceased.