Why Introduction is must for opening an account in banks?

Al most all banks ask an introducer to open a account in their bank. The introducer may be of any type. Actually the banker may not be knowing the introducer in person. But his signature is honoured. Why, what is the logic/ reason behind it. Can any one clear me?
Is it applied to all like ministers, governors , secretary’s, etc ?

What is the priority of the Congress government saving liquor in FCI go-downs while wheat is rotting away?

With rising food prices and inflation, is saving liquor more important than saving wheat? Moreover the godowns do belong to FCI and meant for food.

Does the Congress expect the children of the Indian poor to survive on liquor instead of food?

How much more apathy of the Congress party is the public going to put up with in the case of rising food prices and mismanagement of the government?

Are they going to blame the state government now? Congress is in power in that state also.