What is the best way to be free from threat calls from financiers?

My friend got loan from a financier for his daughter’s marriage. He promised to pay the monthly interest after he gets salary every month. All on a sudden there was loss in his company and employees were laid off. He didn’t pay the interest for 3 months. The Financier is repeatedly giving threat calls. He is confused. He has started a small business now with a small investment. Any help?

What action shall be taken if finance company deposits my cheque given for security reason?

I bought a 2 wheeler using finance. They take my money from my bank by ECS method without interruption on monthly basis. Now they have deposited my cheque also given for security reasons . Now i have to run post to pillar to get statements from bank supporting the same and submit it to finance company and beg behind them .. This affects my work in a greater way. Shall I approach consumer court ? How I will be benefited ?

What is the best way to get returns every year?

I have cash now which I kept aside for my child's education. He is getting into PP1 now. I want to invest the cash in Mutual Funds so that I can take some money year every year which would take care of his fees every year. Please sugges me the best possible way to do it.

What is the best way to buy a house in Tacoma or Lakewood WA?

We are looking for to buy a house and .
There are so many agents and websites and prices listed.
Do we need to go through a real estate agent only?
Is there any Government agency which can help us find a cheap deal or should we contact banks if they have foreclosure properties.
Please guide us,we are confused on how to find a cheap deal.