I have a company in India that needs to send mail to a USPS PO Box.?

What company in India can accept; mail, small parcels, flats etc.. to then be delivered in the USA to a USPS Post office box? I need it to be at a low cost, and speed is not a big issue.

The only way any company can deliver to a USPS PO Box is to have an agreement with the USPS and have the USPS to make that delivery to the PO Box.

So what Indain Companies have that agreement in place?

Can anyone please explain me how to study charts of BSE & NSE?

I know the basic concepts of trading in equity. But I need to learn more and get into derivatie & F&O trading. for which i need to know proper method of studying charts. If anyone can explain it would be great.
thanx dude i know charts are just one of the many ways…..I just want to know that “one” way ….as even I am in the study part yet

Can i save on paying Indian salary tax?

If my salary is directly credited from my parent company based in Europe into my Indian bank account? Could someone suggest an ideal way for tax planning?
Im a resident in India and work here for the subsidiary. I have 2 options to receive my salary. 1) through the Indian subsidiary of the foreign company ( which is surely taxable )

2) Direct remmitance of salary to my indian account from the parent office in Europe

Which is more advantageous?

What advantage does LIC’s Market Plus “without life cover” have over a mutual fund?

I took LIC’s Market Plus without life cover last year. Since this policy is without life cover, isn’t it like a mutual fund?

If it is like a mutual fund, why do they have so high premium allocation charge of 16.5%?

Since, I am just 23 years old, I don’t want to continue it for 20 years. So, if I surrender it after 3 years, I will be at loss, right?

What is the best way to get out this policy with as little loss as possible?