sales turnover is 390000 lacs & professional fees received rs.3 lacs should i go in income tax audit?

1)sales turnover is 39,00,000/- & i have received professional fees of rs.3,00,000/- should i cover under the income tax audit.
2)if professional fees received from the business sources which is resemble to my business then it cover under turnover.
3) If profession fees received totally different nature of the business sources other than my regular business.

Do I need to Pay income tax on Profits booked in stock market?

I am a short term trader (Buy & Sell stocks 4-5days gap) on BSE/NSE,

from September-2007 to January-2008, I made 4.5million(45lakhs) turnover worth trading, but my net profit is only about Rs. 20,000

Do i need to pay the income tax? how the calculation is done? only on profit made transactions? what about my losses in trading & expences?

What tax documents do i need as a sole proprietor who is importing into india?

I have just applied for iec and i'll be importing different types of products and raw materials into india. I will be using my residential address as office. What kind of tax documents do i need? I've heard that sales tax is required for those whose turnover goes beyond 10 lacs. I have no idea about taxes. I do have a pan card if that's something you would want to know. Thank you!