Is this right time for MF investment?


As now the world economy is in recession and down turn,
Is this is a good time to invest in Mutual Funds, coz
though NAV of a fund will be low at this time in general, the average return per month
will be negative (if we choose to invest MF in SIP) since market is bad.
so ultimately our avg annual return will be become less may be < 5% or can be negative also. In these situations, is this right time to invest in MF,, OR can we wait for some more time, monitor the funds and invest after few monthsif the market is picking up.I have plans to invest inEquity Diversified: HDFC Growth fund (G),SBI Magnum Contra (G) ICICI Prudential Infrastructure(G) ,DSP BlackRock(BR) Top 100 Equity Fund - Regular Plan (G)Balanced Fund: HDFC Prudence Fund(G)pls suggest anyone.