Do you think the IRDA should take initiative to educate insurers about choosing the right insurance?

I was mis-sold LIC’s Jeevan Anand policy by an agent who I believed was sincere in advising me. At that time I did not even know that something known as “term insurance” exists. I thought I was doing well since the said policy would play three roles simultaneously: as life insurance, long term investment and tax saving avenue. The premium I paid was over Rs 19000 (yearly).
Now I know I am not alone, many people are cheated by such agents. I know I behaved like the stupidest person on earth, but I also feel that many people even today are not insurance-literate. I think somebody should take the responsibility of making people aware about this, specially the IRDA should take this initiative. What do you think about this issue?

what should i do ? think got cheated by big name of agency?

hi, i have invested in some mutual funds through TATA CAPITAL before 2 years , now i wanted to redeem some funds and continue some funds,so i called up TATA CAPITAL, but the person working there had changed and i think he has no idea about the procedure as he told me have to visit CAMS office personnely and submit the form, but i dont have any idea to fill this complicated form so what should i do ?

Do you think banks give their recovery agents too much liberty?

There are several cases of fraud and harassment by recovery agents. Do You think banks should take on more responsibility?

In one case a man called M S Khan (9579471605) calls up a customer impersonating the Bombay police and tells him a warrant has been issued for his arrest. The customer is directed to a lawyer Mr Sameer (9718087059) who asks for some amount as a settlement.

Even after this the customer recieves threat calls and many times the money issued for the settlement is sent to someone else’s account.

What do you think if someone has been told by the HR that you are selected & no information after that…?

Well if someone has been Jobless for almost 5 months & gives an Interview in Reliance Life Insurance & the Reliance HR informs after 4 Days that you are selected & then for another 5 days no info then what should happen…
Well as the HR has already said that he is looking for the Vacancy to fit the Candidate then??? Can anyone tell me does it take a lot of time?