Insurance experts there can you please advice me about the following?

I need some expert advice;
i’m 45/M doing govt. job…….having two kids (13/F & 10/M) my wife (45) being house wife. I want to secure thier future by taking a GOOD POLICY which will benefit them in case of any eventuality. Shall i go for life insurance or term insurance, i cant decide. PLEASE advice me WITH THE PRODUCT/POLICY which suits me. Any/all other suggestions are welcome.

How is Term Insurance different from Life Insurance?

I am planning to buy an life insurance policy of around 25-30 lakhs. I have heard about this new insurance product- term insurance. I wanted to know its benefits and how is it different from life insurance. thank you for your help. I would really appreciate your efforts if you can help me out with this as soon as possible. thanks!