How much service tax on apartment unit construction?

Hi , Would anyone know if the tax on an apartment unit (flat) construction is only on the labour part of the cost of construction and not the material. I see articles on the internet stating that only 1/3 of the construction cost should be subject to service tax but I am not entirely sure of this. So at the rate of 10.3% on a property of 20 lakh rupees, it should be 2000000 x (10.3 / 100) x 1/3 = 69000 rupees approximately.
Is this correct?

Maturity value of Rs.5000 NSC post-office scheme certificate?

The advertised tax return is 8% but on my 6-year maturity certificate it is only written Rs.8005 on maturity. It was originally printed as Rs.10,005 but they have striked it and written Rs.8005. Why is it so low?
I still don’t get it. If it is 8% compunded half yearly for 6 years then it should be
5000 * (1.08)^12 = 12590
isn’t it?!!

Is PSU Banks are offering Pension option to resigned employees?

I joined UCO Bank in October 1982 and resigned from service on January 2003 after completion of more than 20 years service. At the influence of the union and associations some employees did not opt for pension.At the time of resignation I have no choice left for pension. Since, then I moved for work and I live in overseas. I would appreciate if anyone could give me an answer regarding the fate of inclusion of resigned employees.