Need info on Michigan Property taxes?

I’m from South Bend IN and considering buying a house in Niles mi…My parents said I probably shouldn’t because the taxes are so high…is this true? How do they assess property taxes there? I heard it was based on what you buy your home for, and they go up each year?

Since the kiranawallas and the vegetable retail shopowners do not pay taxes why we should support them?

The kiranawallas and the roadside vegetable and eatable vendors do not pay taxes which is a big revenue leakage for the govt. The big retail chains will give employment, pay taxes to the govt. and also make the shopping a pleasant experience. Why the political parties are supporting these tax evading kiranawallas? Whether the common people should support such political parties?

Why do we have to pay taxes to government?

What benefits do we get when we pay substantial amount of taxes to government in India? How does countries like Dubai survive even if they have no tax system in place and still have far superior quality of road transport, metros, airports and far superior then us in almost all areas?
What I want to know is that what benefits do I get by paying taxes to government?