Accured Interest for KVP and tax rate?

The accured interest on KVP is calculated after two and half years of its purchase.Does it mean that if a person has purchased KVP then after two and half years only he has to add KVP interest income
for calculating his total taxable income?

How to buy new house before disposing earlier one?

I own an apartment in Delhi. I want to shift to another part of the city. Recently my father-in-law has disposed of his house in Delhi. Is it possible that he buys an apartment in my or his daughters name out of his funds and I move to that house, then I can dispose of my house and buy him back a new house. Is it correct to carry out such transactions from the capital gain and or other tax related issues prevalent in India?

is Birla Sun life short term fund good?

I got to know it is open ended(liquid) fund which uses money in daily bank transactions. It gets returns on one day basis which is 7-8% and no tax on return. this is benifit over FD. Similar Reliance fund is there in market 'Reliance Liquid Treasury'. please give ur suggestion on this.

claiming the house in 2008 if my name is not on the mortgage, but property tax?

hi everyone! i want to know if i can claim the house this year if my name is not on the mortgage but on the property tax? my brother's name is on the mortgage, but BOTH our names are on the property tax. he will NOT be claiming, because he said i can claim it. so, can i? and yes, i have paid more than half the mortgage since last june and i paid all the property tax this past year.