i m a house wife and earned more than Rs 10000 as an int. i hav 2 pay income tax. how much?

I am a house wife and i have earned more than Rs10000 in a year as an interest. so do i have to pay the income tax. if yes how much. please suggest me some methods how to save my money and pay minimum tax. I do not have much money. and also i don’t want to invest my money in post offices. is there any rebate if i deposit my money in recurring deposits? if yes than how much. please suggest me.

Interest on bank term deposit taxable or not?

If Yes then how it will be calculated?
Does the interest automatically deducted as my PAN is mentioned in Bank?

Say a senior citizen invested 5K in Bank TD for # years and get interest in every quarter.Will that be under tax deduction?

What is stopping people from making their own currency? Circumventing the banks?

Why doesnt each person make their own currency? Then they can trade it among other friends and relatives based upon the projected value by their registered associated holdings. Keep track by internet or phone app or something. Then we can all be our own bankers and manage our own treasury and so on. Goodbye banks. Goodbye inflations. Goodbye tyranny. Hello Just world!….?

LIC Market Plus Claiming of Sec 80C?

The premium or other payment paid on any insurance policy other than a contract for a deferred annuity shall be eligible for deduction to the maximum extent of 20% of the actual capital sum assured

under which kind of insurance policy covered by the maximum deduction of 20%?

i have a lic policy of my daughter, how much should i expect ?

Policy is marriage endowment/educational annuity plan with profit with accident benefit
Table term 90
Premium paying term 21
premium is 31892 yearly
sum insured is 7,00,000
how much should i expect (its maturing in feb 2025)
first premium paid in feb 2004 and last premiun will be in feb 2024