Since the kiranawallas and the vegetable retail shopowners do not pay taxes why we should support them?

The kiranawallas and the roadside vegetable and eatable vendors do not pay taxes which is a big revenue leakage for the govt. The big retail chains will give employment, pay taxes to the govt. and also make the shopping a pleasant experience. Why the political parties are supporting these tax evading kiranawallas? Whether the common people should support such political parties?

Looking for a online website builder to create my site easily?

I am looking for a online website builder that is quick and easy to use, and does not require any experience. I need my website to get built and be up and running live on the Internet quickly. We also need a good Technical support. A website builders which is ideal for a beginner.

How to write web home page to impress the people you have visit my web site?

Hello Friends,
I would like to create own website for computer and network related support in local business. I request you please share your ideas so that we can past in our web site. I need some information from your side…How to write web home page to impress the people you have visit my web site. Beep interdiction about above mentioned services.

How to increase the credit card Credit Limit ..I am confused?

I am using CIti bank Credit Card
My credit limit which the Bank has allotted was on the basis of mine first job but now i am into my second job and i getting double salary here ….I had a word with customer support people regarding the same ,They guided me to send them the latest salary slip.After doing that also i got a response that they can’t do any thing on it
Kindly be patient may be in future they will increase
can any one guide me what should i do now

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