I am looking for an investment which can give more returns and also safe?

Which is best among Mutual Fund, ULIP, Insurance, buying directly stocks/shares, currency market like Forex or any other suggestion. Also, the name of trusted company where I can invest. I am located in India.

I am looking for long term and monthly investment of maximum Rs 2000.
Difference between the above mentioned and how can I go for ?

Thanks in Advance


I just wanted to know whether my profit plus investment is okay to keep or to withdraw. Since i am seeing NAV is very low only. If i want to surrender this policy i will get only NAV value of my units or any other benifits i will get. Initially they showed lot of details we will get this much for third year etc., but if this is continue then i think we can invest the same in some other instead of believe this one? Any suggestion?

is Birla Sun life short term fund good?

I got to know it is open ended(liquid) fund which uses money in daily bank transactions. It gets returns on one day basis which is 7-8% and no tax on return. this is benifit over FD. Similar Reliance fund is there in market 'Reliance Liquid Treasury'. please give ur suggestion on this.