I need finance expert suggestion for saving money!?

I am a Delhi based working girl. I want to start saving my hard earned money (Yess!! till now i have not even bother about it but now i wanna secure my future and double my saved money if possible). Please suggest me the best plan available in market which is secure and gives good returns.
Hy… i am not a trading freak.. No idea for trading/ dmat account. Please give me details/ link/ tips for operating the account. I will be grateful for you.

Apart from trading what else i can opt. Plz help!!

Thanx in advance.

Investment and insurance suggestion?

Last year 13/04/2011 I started a LIC policy jeevan mitra triple by paying 28531 per/year for 7 laces SA with accidental and permanent disability benefits.

Now I am going to stop this policy and left the money I paid to LIC.

I will break 28531 from this year onwards to i term plan (7500 for around 50 laces cover) and will invest 21000 in PPF.

Will it be good decision in term of return and insurance? If possible please explain.
Will it be bad decision in term of return and insurance? If possible please explain.

Also let me know if bonus and final additional bonus is given regularly on this policy as per past

Please do not suggest about MF as I am already investing in that.

Please provide your valuable answers on these points.
Thanks in advance.

What is PF transfer procedure and how much is for pension%?

My previous company’s deduction from my side, it is nearly Rs.50000/- for PF and same from company side.But transfered amount is only Rs.75000/-.
I asked to my friend regarding this and he is telling that the balance 25 to 27% will be in pension fund,they won’t inform this but it will get transfer along with Rs.75000/-.

Is it true?please give detail regarding this.

What is happening to indian PSU banks?

The world recession is almost over,according to american economists and fed officials.The american banks are back in with a bang.But the Indian banks are still now procrastinatingg their meagre 17 percent increment decision.Are the bank unions fininshed? Or simply they want to milk employees for their won motive? What they are doing?