Is there any problem if I do not submit income tax return?

My income during first year of service (2008-2009) was not taxable and so I did not submit income tax return. Will there be any problem due to this?
In case I need to show (for some official purpose) income tax return for the last two years, can I submit the nil return for the financial year 2008-2009 now?
I would like to get information relevant in Indian context.

What is the procedure to submit income tax?

I am employed in an UGC recognized state govt aided college. This is the first time I am subjected to income tax deduction and I would like to get my doubts clarified regarding it. First, is it compulsory for the college authority to deduct the income tax considering all kinds of income (salary, fixed deposit, bank interest) or can I submit the income tax through my personal tax consultant? What if I make mistake in calculating my income tax (more or less than the actual amount)? Second, when is form no. 16 required in the process?


Hello friends,

I am naveen and I was harassed by HDFC collection agents and they have mislead me by offering a job and charge me fraudly….now I want to submit a complaint against them in consumer court, I resides in Rohini Sec-4, please let me know where to submit the report against them????