is interest paid toward study loan provide tax benefit?

hi! i had taken study loan for my i have joined a company.plse tell me is there any way so that i can get tax benefit .
if i pay my interest towards my loan ,can the interest amount is liable to tax exempt

plse also tell me the area where i should invest to to get tax benefit(i don’t want to take lic policy).

Can u tell me the diploma holders are eligible for education loan or not ?

does anybody knows that which bank is giving education loan to diploma holder for higher study in abroad.

I recently gone to SBI and they told me that . . . . just because of diploma , I will not be considered for edu. loan.( even after showing proof of distiction in diploma and 6 bands in IELTS )

I think this is not the way. . . . How can these ******* idiots predict that diploma holder can not study in abroad ???? There should be a fair evaluation.

Whats ur opinion ????