Why people still prefer Government banks over privet sector banks?

I mean….privet sector banks like ICICI or HFDC etc in India…are top notch service provider compared to all those govt banks put together…but still general people still go for govt banks mostly unless otherwise there is special reason to go for privet sector banks.

Does ones money secure in privet sector banks…I mean…if the company bankrupts etc..is their any chance of loosing ur money ?

Is investment banking still a good career choice?

Hey guys, was contemplating taking a finance and business degree in Uni. I’ve always had a natural interest in banking, mainly because of the money(lol). But was wondering, if i ever do become an investment banker, would the money still be as good ? Or will the huge money leaking bonuses be abolished, and banking will turn into a ordinary job, with ordinary pay ?
Opinions please.