Finding Mutual Fund status?

I had registered at some sites, but they are giving NAV values of Mutual funds only at end of day.

Is there any tool or link where I can check my Mutual fund NAV status every 1 hour or 10 minutes based on stock trading?

Has my son status has been changed from RI to NRI?

My son had got job in Dubai. He proceeded there in middle of June 2011. Uptill now he had completed more than 182 days in a foreign country. Has his status has been changed from RI to NRI? He is coming on vacation for 10 days. What he should do to be a tax compliant person:-
1) He already possess PAN as Resident Individual (RI). (2) He has two Bank Accounts in India linked with FDs (Flexideposit Saving A/cs) (3) He maintains another Saving A/c as Guardian of his minor son (4) He has a joint Saving A/c with his wife as first applicant (My son’s as jointholder is only for safeguard measure, since the deposits in a/c relates to his wife only) (5) He has a Demat A/c as Resident Individual, opened when he was RI (6) He has investments in PPF, Tax Saving Schemes of Mutual Fund and Infra Bonds (6) He subscribing two SIPs of Mutual Funds as guardian of his minor son out of a/c mentioned at (3) above.
I shall be grateful if you will guide me the next course of action to be a tax compliant person. Thanks.